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Identity Theft is the act of someone using another person’s identity information without their permission. Thieves use your name, social security number, or account numbers, to commit fraud or other types of crime on behalf of the victim.

A strong defense in cybersecurity is keeping your software up to date. Software manufacturers periodically offer updates to fix vulnerabilities or security weaknesses in their software. Check your software for updates often and install them when needed. For more information on safe online banking visit
Never share your passwords with anyone. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. Always use multifactor authentication when available. Change your passwords often. Store your passwords securely
Identity thieves practice “phishing” scams in an effort for you to click on a link and download malicious content that could harm your device or compromise your identity. Scammers will use fake emails and websites to trick consumers into providing sensitive information, social security numbers, bank account information and other personal information. For more information for safe online security visit